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The people, whomever they are have got to get out from behind their computers, day jobs, life as we know it and engage the tyrants in OUR GOVERNMENT.  We have two choices, submit or resist.  I say we resist.  How say you?  First we must engage the local politicos on their field, ie. County Committee, Assembly, Senate.  Then with Patriots in place, we wrestle the control back to the liberty minded Patriots, guided by God and the Constitution.  Let's face the reality, this sounds like a novel right?  Well if that tact doesn't work then we have to engage the politicos agents, ie. Police and National Guard, the choice is still OURS.  But not for much longer.  So get out there and get involved.  TODAY!  RIGHT NOW if you can!

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Trading the Markets -- Just Got Easier

Trading the Markets

For many years I have searched for a viable way to predict patterns that would allow me to trade futures and future options successfully.  That is to win.  Not necessarily always winning but winning consistently, able to trade with confidence in a system that allows me to put my capital at risk.  Well, after many years of searching I have found just such a vehicle.  Of course any trading platform is subject to  “traders’ preference” as to the trading risk amounts.

Equity Management Academy, EMA, has developed a predictive model that constantly provides a platform that wins.  With the various levels that I will describe, traders are able to execute trades, place protective stops and close out winning trades.  Whether you are selling short or going long.

Basically there are 3 points to the code.  The “VC” is the trigger level to determine a long or a short trade.  The “B” levels are either the open long or close short and the “S” levels are either close long or open short.  Both the “B” and “S” levels have two components (B1, B2, S1, S2).  The positions are updated daily before the NY Comex open.

I use these levels for multiple trades and risk points.  If you are counting, you can see there are actually 5 levels of predictability that we can trade.  An example would be multiple contracts on say the mini-Silver (YI).  If our starting point has the contract trending above the “VC” code, I will but to open (BTO) 2 contracts at or near the nearest time period where the contract is trending above the “VC” code.  I will place one sell to close (STC) at the “S1” trigger and another at the “S2” trigger.  I, again “Traders’ Preference”, will place a buy to close (BTC) at the “B1” level for both contracts.  You obviously have to understand the “VC” trend in order to properly place your trades.  

At “EMA” you can actually follow “live” trades for a nominal fee.  There is an introductory price of $1 / day for the first month.

Probably the best 2nd Amendment speech ever

Thursday, July 18, 2013

QE, The Velocity of Money And Dislocated Gold

Another set of conflicting chats that show why it is most important to continue to stack, gold and $ilver.  These assets hold no liability and must be owned.